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The Differences Between Handmade and Machine Made Rugs

Picking the Right Rug

Life would be a lot less cozy and colorful without rugs. They really pull a room together and can
even help dampen the surrounding noise. But how do you purchase the right rug?

Rugs are one of the hardest home purchases to make, because they’re available in so many sizes, styles, and materials. A large rug is usually the best choice for anchoring room decor within an open-concept space. Smaller rugs placed in large spaces certainly could be used as accents, but don’t go too little. If the rug is both colorful and has a busy design throughout the pattern,
this will contribute to the durable aspect, since possible stains would be less noticeable.

The Perfect Rug Pattern

For pattern, nowadays, contemporary rugs are more in fashion than traditional rugs, but sometimes vintage and antique looking rugs bring such character and a sense of history to any space, especially if the architecture is more modern and the rug is in lighter color scheme. Oushak rugs have that quality, and they’re very popular nowadays. The new modern Oushak rugs with some bold colors are also popular, because they allow the décor of the living space to include those vivid colors found in the rug.

What so Different About Handmade Rugs?

Rugs that are made by hand are much more durable and more expensive than machine made rugs, and the same attention to detail doesn’t exist in machine made rugs. The materials are often unnatural and made with synthetic fibers. In general, the machine made rugs lack the same uniqueness as handmade rugs; however, they are becoming more popular because they are more
affordable. They are made with polyester, polypropylene, or viscose. Polypropylene is an extremely durable synthetic fiber that sometimes is used as an alternative to wool. Rugs made
from polypropylene are water-resistant and easy to clean. These rugs are the best option for kids’ rooms or for pets and areas that are high traffic.