area rug cleaning in dallas fort worth

Area Rug Cleaning in Dallas Fort Worth

Area rugs are a great way to add style and comfort to your home. They come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures and can be the perfect accent to any room. However, with regular use, area rugs can become dirty and stained, making them look old and worn out. That’s where Fort Worth Rugs comes in – we are here to help you preserve and protect your investment through our area rug cleaning services in Dallas Fort Worth.

Rug Cleaning and Deodorization

At Fort Worth Rugs, we use the latest technology and equipment to clean and deodorize your area rugs. Our team of professionals is highly trained to identify the type of rug and determine the best cleaning method to use. We understand that every rug is unique, and our cleaning process is tailored to each individual rug.

Our area rug cleaning process begins with a thorough inspection of the rug to identify any problem areas or stains. We then use a high-powered vacuum to remove any loose dirt and debris. Next, we use a specialized rug shampoo to gently clean the rug and remove any stains. After the shampoo is applied, we use a powerful extraction method to remove all the water from the rug, leaving it clean and fresh.

In addition to cleaning, we also offer deodorization services to remove any unpleasant odors that may be present in your rug. We use safe and effective products that eliminate odors at their source, leaving your rug smelling clean and fresh.

Rug Repairs

Over time, area rugs can become damaged due to regular use, pets, or other accidents. At Fort Worth Rugs, we offer rug repair services to restore your rug to its original condition. Our team of experts can repair a variety of damages, including frayed edges, holes, and tears.

We use traditional rug repair techniques that have been passed down through generations to ensure that your rug is repaired correctly. Our team is skilled in hand-sewing and knotting, ensuring that the repairs are seamless and virtually undetectable.

Free Pick-Up and Delivery

At Fort Worth Rugs, we understand that you lead a busy life, and bringing your rug to us for cleaning or repair may not be convenient for you. That’s why we offer free pick-up and delivery services in Dallas Fort Worth.

Our team will come to your home or business and pick up your rug at a time that is convenient for you. We will then transport it to our facility for cleaning or repair and return it to you as soon as it is ready. This service saves you time and hassle and ensures that your rug is handled with care throughout the entire process.

Increase the Longevity of Your Rug with Professional Rug Cleaning in DFW

Your area rug is an investment that adds style and comfort to your home. With regular use, it can become dirty, stained, or damaged. That’s why it’s important to trust the experts at Fort Worth Rugs for all your area rug cleaning and repair needs in Dallas Fort Worth. We use the latest technology and traditional techniques to ensure that your rug is cleaned and repaired correctly. Plus, with our free pick-up and delivery services, we make the process convenient for you. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and preserve the beauty of your area rug.

Simple Tips To Keep Your Rugs In Great Condition

Regularly Vacuum And Handle Spills

The easiest and most cost effective way to keep your rug looking new and clean is to vacuum as often as needed and clean spills diligently. It can be easy to see a few crumbs fall on the rug and think that you’ll wait until the mess builds up a bit before you vacuum, but by allowing crumbs and other debris to seep into the fibers of your rug, you are inviting moths to come feed on your rug and allowing dirt to seep into its fibers. Vacuuming is a simple and quick solution to keeping your rug looking young, so include it on your chore chart to ensure that it’s done often and promptly. 


Attending to spills immediately after they happen is another way to prolong the life of your rug. If a spill is left to sit too long without being dealt with, you may need to find a deep cleaner that is compatible with your rug. Be sure not to scrub the stain too harshly or it will get ground into the fibers of your rug.  

Routine Professional Cleaning

The best way to guarantee the longevity of your rug is to invest in routine professional cleaning. It may feel like just one more thing to put on a to do list, but it’s the easiest way to protect your rug and keep it looking great for years to come. If your rug is in a high traffic area of your home, you may want to consider having it cleaned around every 12-18 months. If your rug is in a spot where not as many feet are walking over it, you can probably stretch professional cleanings to every three years or so. Remember that weekly, if not more frequently, vacuuming is the best way to keep your rugs beautiful between professional cleanings. 

Get Professional Rug Cleaning In Fort Worth

Whether you’ve never had your rug cleaned or it’s just been a few years, Fort Worth Rugs is the go-to place for all things rug cleaning and preservation. A family owned business, Fort Worth Rugs has been around for generations and our quality of service only ever increases. Come see us in person or give us a call at 817-732-2222 to request a free quote on your personal rug cleaning. .