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Fort Worth Rugs offers Rug Cleaning, Pick-up, and Delivery in Fort Worth. In fact, for many years, Fort Worth Rugs has been serving the Dallas / Fort Worth neighborhoods for all rugs of any size, make, or value! We clean them all while maintaining the quality and protecting your rug so that it continues to last for years to come.

By having your rugs cleaned regularly, your rug can last a lifetime. That’s why we recommend having your rug cleaned after any stains or spills that could ruin the rugs’ integrity. 

That’s where we come in.

Rug Cleaning
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Types of Rug Cleaning Services

We pride ourselves in offering complete rug cleaning and rug maintenance care for our customers. Choose the trusted family-owned Fort Worth Rug company to provide the following:

  • Standard Rug Cleaning
  • Pet Stain & Odor Removal
  • Rug Restoration
  • Rug Repair
  • Moth Proofing
  • Fire Damage Repair
  • Water Damage Repair

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So How Do We Clean Rugs?

For all rugs, the initial step is to take all the dirt and dust out of rugs. Because rugs, especially wool rugs, hold up so much dirt and dust within the fibers, we need to make sure that rugs are dust-free before washing. The second step is to wash the rugs. Before taking the rugs for washing, we evaluate them to see what they’re made with, because each fiber has its own way of cleaning. We use different methods for cleaning rugs since they all have different material, colors, quality, density, and different age.

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Rug Fringe Cleaning and Stain Removal


We then spend a good amount of time on cleaning the fringe of the rugs, since they’re usually white and show foot traffic more, we make sure the fringe looks as clean as first day. We may trim the fringe for enhanced even look.

Most stains come out during regular cleaning, however, there are some stains including pet urine or pet vomit that are deeper and would require an additional step for enzyme washing. In addition, in case of discoloration, we dye the damaged part by using organic dyes to bring the original look back to the affected rug. After carefully inspecting the rugs and making sure they’re clean, we move them to the last step which is drying. Almost for all rugs we use natural air and light just like the old ways to let them dry. This way any odor that hasn’t come out during washing, would come out. We then wrap the rugs and deliver them to customer’s home.

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Wool Rug and Synthetic Rug Care

Wool Rugs: Wool area rugs have been known to last twenty to thirty years when they’re woven by a machine, while hand woven wool rugs can last up to many more years, sometimes for a century. This is because of the individual threads of yarn that are looped on to warp threads and knotted into place. It’s a very time consuming and exacting process. Some large hand knotted rugs can take more than a year to produce.

Not only do hand woven wool rugs last long, but also their appearance remains as new as when you first bought it, if you take proper care of it and do professional cleaning. Do not use any oxygen-based cleaners such as hydrogen peroxide or Oxy-clean, and similar products on wool. Do not steam clean handmade rugs, as it will hurt it. Keep wool rugs out of direct sunlight as much as possible as they will fade over time. Periodically, professional cleaning is recommended for all wool rugs to bring back those bright and new looking colors.

Synthetic rugs:  There are so many different combinations of synthetics available these days. All of them should be fairly dirt and stain resistant, and should look great with regular vacuuming most synthetics as they dry very quickly and they don’t hold dirt as much as wool rugs. Spills should be blotted immediately. Keep your rugs out of sunlight to avoid fading, and periodic professional cleaning is always a great way to give the rug a longer and beautiful life.

Rug Pick-Up and Delivery

Pick-Up and Delivery

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