Rug Cleaning, Care, And Maintenance

Rug Cleaning, Care, And Maintenance

Rug cleaning, care, and maintaining is not an easy task. In addition to removing dust, it is necessary to deal with removing stains and removing unpleasant odors. Rugs are essential for warmth and comfort in apartments or homes. But they can create many problems in the form of dirt and dust accumulating in them. If they are not correctly looked after, they can also negatively affect your health (cause allergies.) Therefore, the care and cleaning of your rug must be correct.

Rug Maintenance and care tips at home

Below we will consider the rules and methods of self-care and maintenance for rugs.

Knocking out

Hang the rug on the crossbar and knocked out from both sides. You can remove dust and debris from the surface by using this method. After knocking out, wipe the rug with a weak vinegar solution. This procedure will freshen up the colors of your rug. It is not advisable to knock out the rug with a soft base very strongly, which will lead to a decrease in their service life.

Scatter fine salt

Another way to clean the rug is that you should scatter fine salt. Take coarse table salt and sprinkle it on the rug. After a while, wash the stiff brush in hot soapy water and sweep up the salt with it. Remove the remaining salt with a vacuum cleaner.

Rub a sponge

The rug can be shine by rubbing a sponge over it several times, moistened with ethyl alcohol or denatured alcohol.

Protect from dust

If you are going on vacation or a business trip, cover the rug with newspapers, and put mothballs on it. Then rolled up the rug as tightly as possible into a roll and wrapped in thick paper. It will protect your rug from dust and moth.

Don’t rub the stains

The sooner you remove the stain, the less effort you need to put. If coffee, wine, or tea spills on the rug, do not rub the stains. It can damage the colors and threads. Try to collect the liquid with a tissue and naturally dry the rug. After drying, spread the pile in one direction.

Use a soft brush

If your rug is new, use a soft brush to clean it. Many people are frightened when they see rug fluff remain on the brush during cleaning. Don’t be afraid. When making a rug, the top layer of the pile goes through a “trimming” and “combing” process. Perhaps, on the new rug, not all the trimmed fibers have spilled out. After a while, the villi will become smaller, and later they will stop spilling out altogether.

Vacuum no more than twice a week

When the pile of the new rug settles, you can vacuum. Some people use a vacuum almost every day. But this is absolutely a wrong practice. You should vacuum a rug no more than twice a week. Start vacuuming from the inside of the rug and vacuum the upper side against the lint, pressing down firmly on the brush.

How to remove stubborn dirt from your rug

There are several ways to remove stubborn dirt from the rug.

We take two spoons of detergent and ammonia and mix everything in five liters of water. This liquid will help you to clean other products as well.

You can easily remove fresh liquor, wine, and beer stains with light vinegar.

Add a spoon of vinegar in one liter of lukewarm water, dip a brush with detergent, and rub the stain lightly.
Remove chewing gum with ice

You can remove the chewing gum with ice. To do this, crush ice, mix with salt, and place it in a plastic bag. Rub it on the gum so that it freezes and begins to crumble. Then gently peel it off with a knife.

Moreover, if wax spills on the rug, you must wait until it dries, peel it off with a sharp knife, put a clean sheet of paper on the stain and iron it.

Avoid direct sunlight

Avoid direct sunlight and storage in damp areas. Moisture leads to the formation of holes in the rug.

Do not forget to unfold the rug lying on the floor occasionally. Change the location of the furniture standing on the rug to avoid the deformation of the pile. Avoid placing furniture with sharp legs on the rug.

Professional rug cleaning

It is worth noting that now there are cleaning companies that provide professional deep cleaning services for rugs. Their services will help get rid of even stubborn and difficult to remove stains.

Benefits of professional rug cleaning services

Rug cleaning at home only gives a superficial result. To remove all dirt, to process the deepest layers of the pile, you will need to use only professional equipment.

High-quality cleaning of rug guarantees the elimination of unpleasant odors from it. You can also use this service if the color on the surface fade and the pile becomes more compressed. Experts recommend carrying out such a procedure at least once every six months – a year. There are some other advantages of using professional rug cleaning such as:

  • Professional cleaning involves the use of quality equipment. The specialized companies use cleaning devices that heat water to a much greater extent than a homemade device of this kind.
  • Specialists perform a professional cleaning. For trained employees, rug cleaning is their daily job;p they know how to do it. In contrast, the average rug owners have no experience with the machine and cleaning solution. Therefore, they can make any mistake.
  • Professional cleaning has an excellent effect. More powerful techniques and specialized skills remove more and more stubborn dirt, allowing more thorough rinsing and more efficient drying of rug. The customer receives a clean rug as well as the prevention of many possible problems.

How to make your rug last longer

So, if you want your rug to last longer, pay close attention to your rug, and it will remain fresh for many years.

Contact us for help, we will carry out deep and professional cleaning of the rugs, with a guarantee of results, in the shortest possible time and at affordable prices. We are always in touch and will advise you on the cost and timing of cleaning your rugs!