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Open Concept Home Decor and Rug Layout

Nowadays, the new open concept floor plans offer more comfort and easy access to living spaces. Although this usually brings more light to the rooms and creates more walkway spaces, it would bring a challenge with it too, and that is to be able to match the different rugs in those rooms. The good news is that it is not impossible to do that. While you want each room to have its own individuality and character, you need to make sure the rugs in those rooms, complement each other and have the same style.

The rugs you want to mix and match are typically in the living room and dining room, sometimes also an entry or a hallway too. You do not need to get the same rug with the same pattern and color in different sizes for those rooms, because they would look boring and offer a monotonousness visual effect, but you do need to make sure they all complement each other in terms of patterns and colors. You would want to be careful in busy open concept floor plans and not introduce too many patterns and colors, specially on your floors, therefore, it’s best to bring less vivid bright colors and less bold design on your floor to have every room work with each other.

The best thing to do for the open space floors, where you would see several rugs from one spot, is to get consistent texture rugs that either have the same or similar pattern with complementary color pairing or to get rugs with same colors but complementary pattern, so that they would all flow with each other and speak the same style. Choosing complementary colors is usually easier since you can just pull the colors from the existing color palate of your décor.

Another way of styling your open concept floor plan is to have contrasting texture. If you are not sure in blending colors or patterns across a wide space, there’s a simpler way to make your décor, particularly your rugs interesting. You can mix and match textural elements, and get rugs that have various textural fibers, such as sheepskin or cowhide rugs. There’re endless ways to make rugs work in an open space, the rule of thumb is to go with the one that makes you comfortable. The bohemian style or the layering style gives you the opportunity to pair as many textures and calm patterns as you like. The natural fiber rugs gives you the chance to have timeless floor covering as your taste and style evolves. The key element for your home décor is to have items that have something in common, whether they share age, texture, color, or height pile. They can’t have wide differences and compete, but rather complement each other.

How should a rug color work with furniture?

In general, if your primary furniture such as couch has pattern and rich colors, your rug needs to be the opposite, meaning to have as less pattern as possible or be muted, and it needs to have very light subtle colors, preferably one color. However, if your couch is one solid color with no pattern, then your rug needs to have pattern and colors similar to the color of the couch. It’s recommended to match the secondary color of the rug with your couch. If the rug has more than two colors, then try to match the third color with you accent colors in pillows or other accessories in the room. The key to your home décor is to create harmony between the different items that make your décor and to have balance.