Traditional Rugs

These rugs are typically made for symbolic purposes and have traditional patterns such as floral or leafy patterns and rhythmic geometric using various natural materials such as wool, silk, and cotton. They’re mostly designed by artisans from Persia (Iran), Turkey, Afghanistan, India, and other countries in the region.

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Contemporary Rugs

Contemporary rugs have a vast variety, which makes it hard to pin down their general appearance. They show abstract forms and geometric design. These rugs feature bright and vibrant colors, up-to-date design with abstract, asymmetrical, geometrical patterns, and in some cases extraordinary elements. They perfectly complement modern and fashionable spaces.

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Transitional Rugs

These rugs are the blending of traditional and contemporary designs. They constitute the perfect merger of past and present, combining the ideas of antique rugs and new aesthetic ideas. They include patterns and elements of each style, with an inspiration from traditional rugs. This style contains repetitive elements, like geometric or floral patterns. In addition, their colors are more subdued and neutral. The best thing about transitional rugs is that these rugs will compliment both traditional and contemporary home decor.

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