Are My Rugs At Risk Of Damage From Moths And Bugs?

If you have a beautiful rug that you want to take care of so you can enjoy it for years to come, you’re probably wondering how to keep it looking great and staying clean. High quality rugs are made to last even decades so you may want to try to preserve it well enough to pass it on to the next generation. Regular cleanings and inspections will help you mitigate potential damage, but you also need to be mindful about where your rug is kept. Whether you like it or not, your rug is probably holding contaminants that will attract bugs and moths and encourage them to make their home in its fibers.

Are My Rugs At Risk Of Damage From Moths And Bugs?

Rugs In The Home: Are They Safe?

Just because you see your rugs everyday doesn’t mean they’re in good condition. Unfortunately, all too often rugs are forgotten when deep cleaning throughout your house. The occasional vacuum job is great to keep large crumbs and debris from getting tracked over your rug but it’s a great idea to get your rugs professionally cleaned about every 12-18 months. Without regular cleaning, moths and other bugs may decide to make your rug their next meal. 


Rugs that are under furniture are especially vulnerable to damage since bugs and moths love to make their home in dark spaces. Chances are you don’t pull your rug out from under furniture every time you vacuum, so left undisturbed, moths and bugs have ample time to chow down on your rug and cause disappointing damage. 

Moths Love Rugs In Dark Storage

At some point, there is a chance your rug will go into storage, whether during a move, as a part of downsizing or gifting the rug to someone else. The trouble with storing rugs though, is that storage areas are usually extremely dark, providing moths with the perfect setting to make their home. It’s even common for moths to lay their eggs in the fibers of rugs that are easily accessible to them and when the eggs hatch, there will be hordes of new moths ready to make your rug their next meal. 


If you must put your rug into storage for a period of time, make sure to have it professionally cleaned beforehand. That way any leftover crumbs won’t be there to entice any hungry moths. Make sure you store your rug in a climate controlled, dry space. Spaces that get too muggy make the perfect breeding ground for moths. Using a bed sheet is a great and cheap option for storing your rug. Rolling your rug in a cotton bedsheet will allow it to breathe as it waits in storage to be used again and moths won’t eat through cotton as easily as they would paper or plastic. 

Simple Ways To Prevent Moth Infestations

Now that you know why you should have your rug cleaned regularly and can efficiently plan how to store your rug so it is free from pests, you should take some time to consider what you can do to offset the chance of a moth infestation from the start. So what can you do to eliminate the chances of moths destroying one of your most favorite home decor pieces?


  • Spray cedar oil, lavender, thyme, rosemary or basil oils mixed with water to deter moths. These oils can also be diffused with water and lightly sprayed around your rugs and fabric belongings.

  • Attract moths to a stick trap with moth pheromones.

  • VACUUM, VACUUM, VACUUM. Vacuuming is the easiest and most effective way to keep your rugs free from moth infestations.

Moths are a nuisance if they get out of hand, but implementing these simple strategies regularly will reduce the chance of a moth infestation considerably.

Rug Restoration And Moth Proofing In Fort Worth

We know your rugs are important to you, whether they have a monetary value or simply because you love the way they look in your home and want them to last as long as possible. At Fort Worth Rugs, we get it. We want to give you the peace of mind that your rugs will have as little interaction with moths as possible. That’s why we offer moth proofing as one of our top services. Call us today at 817-732-2222 for your free moth proofing estimate!