Professional Rug Cleaning After A Flood

Professional Rug Cleaning After A Flood

Rugs need to be cleaned and maintained over time to ensure they remain in great condition and look beautiful for your home. Spills and other mishaps will happen, causing the need for a spot clean on your rug. Over time, rugs retain various things like pet dander, dirt, dust, and much more, so routine rug cleaning is needed to keep them fresh. But what happens when something major happens, like a flood?

Even in smaller floods, rugs will be one of the first things affected by the water. A first reaction may be to just throw it out, which isn’t necessarily bad if it was just a cheap rug. But if you, like many people, have custom and beautifully made rugs, they likely weren’t cheap. Throwing away a rug like this is an expensive decision as you not only lose the rug that you spent money on, but you will need to buy a completely new rug. Luckily, there are cleaning options for rugs that are much cheaper than replacing the rug with a brand new one!

Can You Clean A Rug Yourself After A Flood?

You may be thinking that you could just clean a rug yourself after a flood. However, unless you possess the equipment necessary to properly clean a rug, this is actually a bad idea. Rugs can be notoriously efficient at trapping pet dander, dust, mites, dirt, and other sediment and microscopic substances. Simply running your rug through a regular washing machine won’t even come close to a proper cleaning, especially after a flood.

The short and simple answer as to whether you can clean a rug yourself after a flood is no, you can’t. Specialized equipment is used by professional rug cleaning and restoration companies to properly wash a rug. Not only is it important for the overall cleanliness of the rug, but also your health. During a flood, there’s no telling what all was in the water that soaked into your rug. Improperly cleaning a rug can have a lot of negative health implications, especially with mold.

The Rug Cleaning and Restoration Process

At Fort Worth Rugs, we maintain a hassle-free and straight-forward rug cleaning and restoration process. This is done to make it as easy as possible for you so you can make minimal changes to your own schedule. As an additional measure to make the process as easy as possible for you, we offer free pick-up and delivery for all of our Tarrant County customers.

The first step is to drop off the rug at our Fort Worth store. Of course, if you reside in Tarrant County we can also schedule a time for one of our staff to come pick it up. While the first step is to get as much dirt and dust out of the rug as possible, we must first determine the current condition of the rug as well as the fibers that it’s made out of. In particular, the fibers will determine many of the cleaning methods that can be used to ensure the rug is not damaged.

After using specialized equipment to efficiently remove dirt and dust, we move on to utilizing water and special mixtures designed specifically for cleaning rugs. Depending on how dirty a rug is, this step is sometimes repeated until we can get everything out of the rug. This is crucial to ensure anything that could affect the health of you and your loved ones is completely removed from within the rug.

After properly drying the rug, the next step is cleaning the fringes (if applicable, as not all rugs have these fringes). You would be surprised how dirty the fringes can become, as well as the coloration different after a good clean. During this phase, we will also check for any severe stains that are still showing. While the normal rug cleaning process will remove most stains, sometimes the deeper stains are still there.

Once the rug has finished being professionally cleaned and has passed our strict standards for quality, we’ll let you know that it’s ready! While you can come pick the rug up at our store, we are also more than happy to schedule a date and time to deliver your rug to you, free of charge if you live in Tarrant County.

Need Your Rug Professionally Cleaned After A Flood In Fort Worth?

Was your beautiful rug dirtied and damaged by flood waters? Or, perhaps your rug just hasn’t had a proper cleaning in a long time. Fort Worth Rugs has been providing professional rug cleaning services to our great customers here in Fort Worth and Tarrant County. If you need a rug cleaned, give us a call today and we’ll provide you with a free estimate.